Factors To Consider Before Installing A Swimming Pool

Building a swimming pool on your property can increase your property's value and offer you the convenience of swimming whenever you like. Nevertheless, you need to plan your swimming pool installation project carefully. Here are essential factors to consider before installing a pool.

Pool Type

The main swimming pool types are:

  • In-ground pools. These swimming pools are permanent and require a lot of ground preparation. Pool contractors usually perform ground excavation before installing the pool's shell. Therefore, the initial costs of installing these pools are high. However, the cost is worthwhile as you can access numerous pool design options to suit your needs. Also, find an affordable pool contractor to install your pool.

  • Above-ground pools. Swimming pool installation services install these pools above the ground. Therefore, the pools require lower initial setup costs. Additionally, above-ground pools aren't permanent, and you can move them to another location easily. The common in-ground pool designs are round or oval shapes, limiting your design variety. However, these shapes are ideal for small spaces.

You should understand the benefits and downsides of the different swimming pool installation types and choose the one that fits your swimming pool needs.


Before installing a swimming pool, create a reasonable budget to keep track of your expenses. However, understand that different factors affect your swimming pool installation expenses. For instance, the bigger the pool, the more construction materials you require. Hence, the higher the pool installation costs. 

Complex pool designs may also take longer to build, increasing labour costs. Likewise, additional pool features like pool lights require a higher pool installation budget. Moreover, since every pool contractor charges a special price, compare the rates of various pool contractors and choose affordable services.

Zoning Laws

Different areas have defined laws that govern swimming pool installation and usage. For instance, some zoning laws may specify your pool's location and maintenance activities you must perform to ensure that pool users are safe and healthy. 

Furthermore, pool insurance is a must-have in some regions to protect pool users' safety. If you don't adhere to these laws, you may get into legal trouble, resulting in fines or pool demolition. Hence, get advice from your pool contractor regarding the zoning laws in your neighbourhood to make the right legal decisions.

You should consider several factors before swimming pool installation, including your budget, pool type, and zoning laws. Considering these factors will help you install the perfect pool for your home. For more information, contact a service such as Exclusive Pools and Spa Inc.

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