Using A Cover To Protect Your Hot Tub

Protecting your hot tub from various types of damage or wear should be a priority. A cover can be an important tool for keeping unwanted debris out of the water, but there are mistakes that hot tub owners can make that will prevent their cover from providing the protection that they had anticipated.

Allowing Water To Pool On The Cover

Allowing large amounts of water to pool on the hot tub can be a mistake that has the capability of causing serious damage to the cover. Even a seemingly small amount of water pooling on the cover can be enough to add a considerable amount of weight to it. If you are using a tarp-style cover, this could easily be enough to cause it to rip or warp. If you start to notice that large amounts of water are pooling on the cover, it should be siphoned or otherwise removed as soon as possible.

Choosing A Cover That Is Not Correctly Sized For The Hot Tub Cover

When choosing a hot tub cover, its size will always be an important factor to consider. Choosing a cover that is too small or large for the hot tub can limit its effectiveness. Depending on the size of your hot tub, it is likely that you will be able to easily find a cover that can effectively fit it. However, if you have an especially large hot tub or one that has an unusual shape, a custom-made cover may be the more effective option for ensuring that your cover can be securely placed over the hot tub. Regardless of whether you are needing a cover custom made or plan to buy a mass-produced option, having accurate measurements of the hot tub is important.

Not Replacing A Hot Tub Cover That Has Torn Or Excessively Stretched

At some point over the years that you own the hot tub, its cover will become worn or damaged in a way that may reduce its effectiveness. A common example of this can be a puncture forming due to a branch falling on it or the cover warping as a result of ineffective storage practices. Whenever these damages are starting to develop with your cover, a replacement should be ordered as soon as possible. While these punctures or other issues may seem too small to be a major concern, they can rapidly increase in size as a result of the stress of the tension that is created when placing the cover over the hot tub. 

For more information about hot tub covers, contact a local contractor. 

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